0xE0000100 error when installing Windows Server 2012

Wanted to install Exchange 2016 to play a little bit around, and for that needed Windows 2012 for OS.

Unfortunately when installing the server I was getting error:

“Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation. Error code: 0xE0000100”

Below screen with polish description:

hyperv_problem1So naturally I thought it is something with the iso file, but was pretty astonished though, since I have installed few of VMs with that ISO file, Logged into https://www.microsoft.com/Licensing/ downloaded a new, brand new, freshly smelling iso file, trying.. – one more time same error.

Tried to dig a little bit in the internet, and found:


So this is how my VM setup looked like:


Previously I was always setting some higher numbers there, but in all that rush just didn’t do that for those installations!

After changing two values from 512MB to 1024MB installation worked like a charm without any single error 🙂

Creating DAG on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Exchange 2013 SP1 without Administrative Access Point? YES!

So we know that creation of DAG was always connected to creating a DAG computer object in AD, when using Windows Server 2012 or 2013 R2 pre-staging of  the CNO in AD is required.

So we use one additional computer account, and an IP address. However, Is it possible to create a DAG not having those at all? The answer is – YES and here is the great article telling us how to do it:

Cluster Administrative Access Point and Database Availability Group