[SOLVED] WSUS doesn’t approves updates, although it has proper “approval rule”.

Recently I had a strange symptom, for example, when newly created Windows 7 client was searching updates on the Microsoft Update website it saw about 150 of updates, at the same time seeing 1 from local WSUS server.

Sometimes I use to say that something is simple as shovel… or fu*king. WSUS should be one of those things, but apparently it is not. I was already one battle with it – TECHNET THREAD.

Hence I know that WSUS can be let say, a pain in the ass, in parlance.

That state with updates was a little bit strange, all the more, I have “auto approval” rule on my WSUS for almost all updates – i’m just not approving the Service Packs.

The investigation lead me to our root WSUS server. As I looked at the “Update Report” of one conflict update the state was “Not Approved”. I was astonished. Why for God’s sake! Doesn’t the rule says you shall install it you stupid motherfu*ker!

I tried to restart services, the whole server, there was no warnings, no error in event logs.

Then, as I was for hundred time waching the “Automatic Approval” dialog box, I picked one rule, and I thought “hmmm.. why not” and clicked the “Run now” button.

After that operation the updates started to be available for clients! Apparently the “run now” operation unblocked the pipe 🙂 But what was the reason for that, have no idea :/