How to access HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry entry remotely.

So just recently I’ve been asked by Microsoft support to perform a change in the registry to avoid getting many local failure email messages saved in local OST.

The instruction how to do it, can be found under (In our case the solution didn’t work at all by the way):

As you might see in the article the path given is:


This kind of change can be done remotely as well, all you need to have is an AD SID of the user.


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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 and “Failed to synchronize item changes. The server cannot service this request right now. Try again later.” error.

Recently I’ve been struggling with a few issues on Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, still struggling with one, but fortunately can post an update about two that has been resolved. Jupi!


Okay, so I got this error going on on Veeam:

30.10.2017 07:21:17 :: Job started at 30.10.2017 08:21:17
30.10.2017 07:21:17 :: Connected to organization
30.10.2017 07:21:20 :: Found 1 mailboxes
30.10.2017 07:21:20 :: Processing mailbox <mailbox_name>@<> failed with error: Failed to synchronize item changes. The server cannot service this request right now. Try again later. :: 0:21:22
30.10.2017 07:42:43 :: Processing of all mailboxes failed
30.10.2017 07:42:43 :: Job failed at 30.10.2017 08:42:43


Backup of one single mailbox was constantly failing.

What appeared was mailbox was over 100GB in size When running Get-MailboxStatistics against it – do not know how it is possible though as O365 gives you 100GB for the mailbox.

After enabling archive for this mailbox and runnig Start-ManagedFolderAssistant so the main mailbox went down below 100GB – the backup went just fine ^^.

Outlook and huge OST file growing like crazy till reaching 50GB.

It has been few days since I was working on one case – OST file of one user was growing till 50GB at exponential speed despite mailbox had 5GB.

Case was really weird, what I did I added all of the shared mailboxes as additional accounts so I was able to turn off caching and put this particular mailbox in Online mode and recreated the profile – that didn’t help.

Well, I noticed that there were some sync issues (not much) – so I moved the mailbox to another database as move might omit some corrupted messages leaving user mailbox in healthy status in the target database – that didn’t help either.

So I took a completely separate computer, asked user to logged in there and enabled the cache mode – after weekend we had same issue.

I was like:


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[Exchange Online] Remove cancelled Outlook meetings using PowerShell and EWS!


Actually it is 23:13 CEST, but still!

Some time ago I have published a script to remove cancelled calendar meetings from Exchange OnPremise (I have tested that on Exchange 2010).You can find this script here:

I am currently at the end of the migration to Exchange Online from Exchange 2010 environment. Few days ago I had a call telling me that seems that the cancelled meetings are not being removed from room calendars as they supposed to be.

Yup, I forgot to rewrite the script…


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Bartosz Bielawski will join our PPOSH #3 !in person! with a surprise session!

Hello Everyone,

As you might know, there is a third session of Polish PowerShell User Group this thursday (27.07.2017) at 17:00.

The breaking news is…Bartosz Bielawski – a PowerShell MVP  –  will join our meeting in person with a surprise session (we still ocnfirming the agenda).

If you do now know who Bartek is (shame on you!) here is some info:


Bartosz (Bartek) Bielawski is a busy Windows engineer for Optiver, an international company. He loves PowerShell and automation and that love earned him the honor of Microsoft MVP. He shares his knowledge mainly in PowerShell Magazine, in his blogs, and through articles published in the Polish “IT Professional” magazine. He is also a co-author of the “PowerShell Deep Dives” book, and author of “Windows PowerShell 5.0 Biblia”.


We (PPOSH guys) met Bartek on PSConf.EU one year ago, and we were talking about him joining our sessions this year. Bartek is now on holidays in Poland, and he cheerfully agreed to join us!


poweshell_biblia_200We are also working on getting some copies of his book “Windows PowerShell 5.0 Biblia” from Presscom publisher to be signed and handed out on our meeting! 🙂





If you still got a free evening on thursday, I think I just gave you an idea what you can do 🙂

So #DoSomethingForYourself join us on 27.07.2017, 17:00 at Objectivity!


Second Polish PowerShell User Group meeting behind us!

Thank you all for joining us on second PPOSH meeting.

Start of the first presentation.

It was an energetic meeting as we had few new faces and there have been some interesting discussions after the sessions – not only about PowerShell 😉

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Same code – different output. ISE vs PS Console and VSCode.

Hey Guys,

Help needed here… I was just finishing another function for UK Power Cuts (still dirty as pile of dung I know, but works :P) while I noticed something weird.

Scottish and Southern have power cuts info in Javascript generated tables, the thing is, each position might be slightly different / have different fields – for instance one position will not have information about estimated time Engineer will be on place.

Let me show you what I mean on the, picture as we all know it is worth a thousand words:ScottishAndSouthern.jpg

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