Testing ActiveSync (EAS) using emulation on AVD Manager.

Recently I was reading about ActiveSync and policies for Exchange 2013, and I was wondering how to test it in my lab environment. Just one search away I found that great post:


After installing JDK and AVD Manager I was able to emulate Android device in my lab.

I just would like to highlight some things over here, when going to that website:


DO NOT CLICK on the “Download Android Studio” button:


That will download around 1,1GB on data, and installation would take another 3 GB. Later it will need some additional space for creating emulated android device. So  overall it took  around 4GB of space and was still telling me about too less space 🙂

So the link you would need to click is a bit further:

avd_2Firstly, we need to install Java SDK (but different from the version we would need to install full version of Android Studio), here is the link I used:


Names of downloaded files should be similar to those:

avd_3After successful installation of AVD Manager we need to go with other steps that Paul described (first link in this post). And here is the final effect:


A test message that has been send out using my private Sony Xperia L, and was received by other test user on a emulated Android device!

Isn’t that cool!!! 😀


Now we can test all of the EAS policies not harming our private device.