Monitor hosts ip address change in ZABBIX.

Do not know why decided to implement that so late. Anyway this is how i’ve done it.

Created ZBX external item:

The itself script looks like this:

pawelski@ZbxServer:/usr/lib/zabbix/externalscripts$ tail
ping $1 -c 1 | sed -nE ‘s/^PING[^(]+\(([^)]+)\).*/\1/p’

Also, please note that the script – in case the host is not responding will reply with something like:

ping: host blabla unavailable

I do not want that garage in ZABBIX, plus it can really mess up the triggers.

Let’s imagine host replies on IP, later item has value “ping: blabla is not supported”. – what will happen if we apply trigger on this and set it to alert us when the value will change? – many unnecessary alerts, as the IP might not change, but the value of the trigger for sure will, first from “” to “ping: blabla” and later back to “”.

I want this sort of values to convert the item in the unsupported state, hence I add pre-processing:

The Parameters value is: \D*\s*(\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3})\D*\s*

And that is it. We will get IPs of our hosts, and when thehost is unavailable it return unsupported item – no garbage in the latest data. Now we can create a trigger on the item to monitor change of the latest value.

Have you already done it in a different way, or maybe you see some potential issues in this solution? If yes please give me a shout, I’m more than happy to discuss it.

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