“Encrypting” the password field in web scenario authentication in ZABBIX.

We are just moving some of our monitoring to ZABBIX (old love never dies), and I was wondering if it is possible to somehow hide passwords – for me it was a huge security breach as I would like to grant access for someone to configuration – but I do not want that person to see the passwords for the accounts I have configured.

So I started to search the Internet and found that thread:


Guys was talking about my struggle, unfortunately Atsushi has replied quite cautiously. So I started digging – there is a little name convention problem but I have located the relevant file under:


Later in the file you will find this:

(new CTextBox(‘http_user’, $this->data[‘http_user’], false, 64))
(new CTextBox(‘http_password’, $this->data[‘http_password’], false, 64))

Change the line responsible for http_password to the following:

(new CPassBox(‘http_password’, $this->data[‘http_password’], false, 64))

After saving the file, and refreshing the php website you will get this:


Et voilà !


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