Sneaky tricky management scopes in Exchange Online.

If you’ve been creating scopes in Exchange Online in, for instance, following way…:

$Group = Get-DistributionGroup -Identity “RoomImpersonationGroup”
New-ManagementScope “Room Mailboxes Impersonation” -RecipientRestrictionFilter “MemberOfGroup -eq ‘$($Group.DistinguishedName)'”

…so using a DistinguishedName attribute – you might experience a moment when this solution stops to work.


Just recently I came across this great article, telling that the proper way of assigning recipients to scopes in Exchange Online (and recommended by Microsoft) should be via custom attributes, like this (below example is for hybrid environment)…:

[To be done in Exchange console OnPremise]
Get-remotemailbox user | Set-remotemailbox -CustomAttribute1 "EWS Impersonation"

[To be done in Exchange Online]
New-ManagementScope “Room Mailboxes Impersonation” -RecipientRestrictionFilter “CustomAttribute1 -eq "EWS Impersonation"

…as for the Exchange Online DN might be changed without our knowledge.

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