Second Polish PowerShell User Group meeting behind us!

Thank you all for joining us on second PPOSH meeting.

Start of the first presentation.

It was an energetic meeting as we had few new faces and there have been some interesting discussions after the sessions – not only about PowerShell 😉

We are working on  getting all of the sessions together in one clip and put it online. That should be ready in upcoming week.

My presentation was about DSC – and why it is not possible to use Application Request Routing to build HA for it, and about parsing the webpages., you can watch it here:

And here is a full recording from my session (polish):

Mateusz Czerniawski gave us advanced view on Pester whilst Tomasz Dąbrowski presented best practice for building advanced PowerShell functions.

All materials from the meeting can be found here on GitHub

Stay tuned and be ready, and remember if you really into something in PowerShell – come on and share with it on PPOSH meeting! In the next two months we might get an interesting presentation about web requests and… Google Analytics 🙂

Woo-Hoo, thank you Wojtek!!! 😀 – See guys?! Nothing scary.

PPOSH #3 is planned on 27.07.2017 – official information tomorrow on Objectivity LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

If you would like to join us, please visit:

If you would like to follow us:

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