PowerShell Conference EU 2017. Not just about coding.

5th of May, cloudy afternoon in Hanover city. We are heading towards a car parked on the side road, the driver is waving to us from far away and we respond with the same.

There are three of us, with rather heavy breath, without jokes as usually we get in the car firstly leaving our luggage in the trunk. Faces are smiling, but it is kind of smile that you can interpret more like powerless acceptance of fate… Sitting on the back seat, whilst one side on me was really sad and flooded in despair, the second one was thinking about lovely wife and sweet 1 year old son. Not seeing them just for 4 days was really sad experience as for me they are whole world. So it happened… we were on our way back,  left Hannover, already cutting the highway with KIA for around 20 minutes like a really sharp knife cuts butter. I was looking through the window and hundreds of images were going around my head, my eyes stuck in one point whilst being gently swaying on the German highway. All of a sudden my right hand became a focal point for my vision…

And it took my pupils exactly 1 second to double the size, I stopped my eyes on one point and screamed:




But guess what 🙂 I called the hotel where we stayed in, and it appeared that wedding ring was there at the reception desk – they found it! Oh sweet Lord! I was so grateful!

My favourite hotel in Hannover is now “City Hotel” on Königstraße.

I also grateful to my colleagues and the driver that they didn’t kill me, after all we lost around 44 minutes. Thank you Czerniol and DomBros!

And now about the conference itself. There are moment in your life that are hard to describe in words, because feelings that accompanies them are something unique and rare – this is why it is hard for me to describe in simple words how it was on the conference, it was stunning! Let’s start from the beginning then!

First of all, I managed to attend the conference thanks to a great company I work at – Objectivity!

This year we managed to attend also in workshops,  you need to know that it is possible to come here one day earlier and take part in some interesting PowerShell exercises.

The main event started the day after.

Conference was opened as usually by Tobias Weltner – father of ISE Steroids…

…and Jeffrey Snover – one of the fathers of PowerShell.

Jeffrey speeches are always inspiring for me, I love to watch random interviews with this guy as he surely can light up a fire in your hearth for PowerShell. If you would like to hear what was the origins of PowerShell, what it can give to you and what to expect in the future – watch this keynote.

Next sessions was about PowerShell quirks – so small PowerShell tips that can make you life easier.

Following that, Will  “harmj0y” Schroeder gave wonderful speech about evolution of attacking tools and system defending.

It was just the beginning, and I already felt like in PowerShell heaven ^^.

After these great sessions there were another ones, presented in 4 tracks:


So you could always find something that was interesting,  I was often interested in 2 maybe even 3 sessions out of four, so it was hard decision where to go.

Full agenda can be found here:


Or here:


All of the sessions can be found over here…


…so I won’t be writing what was there, what all the speakers were talking about – you just need to watch that stuff on your own as this is worth every second of it (and I plan to watch all of them again as well ^^). All of the sessions were unique, and presented different view of the problem – even when there were couple of sessions about JEA, you always found something interesting in each approach.

Please just note these sessions are not uploaded in order, so you may just use above links to have proper order of videos from the ceremony of opening.

As I mentioned in the title in this post – it is not just wbout PowerShell – on the first day we had amazing party at the Hanover ZOO! There were seals making tricks and an eagle!

See, I don’t lie! 😀

Apart from that we had stunning dinner, where we could use photo booth


We were also given a PowerShell book signed by… one of the fathers of PowerShell – Bruce Payette

BrucePayette_signedbook (2).jpg

Poster with attendees


And last but not least we were given an unique mug

Apart from all that wonderful gifts, food and PowerShell sessions, there are these people.

Amazing people, without whom this all would be meaningless. There were no artificial barriers, you could go and speak to anyone starting from guy sitting next to you on a session and on Jeffrey Snover, Bruce Payette and Angel Calvo ending. And you could ask any questions, and sometimes you could also heard a question directed to you – because tell me is there any better place to look for PowerShell other than Europe PowerShell conference :D.

All this magic time was thanks to them, and I manage to get many friendships and contacts that I believe would let me grow in what I, and we as a Polish PowerShell Group (PPOSH), do:

Thank you all for this stunning time, hope we will meet next year.



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