Search Power Cuts In The UK Using PowerShell!


So recently I’ve met this problem that we lost power in one of our offices in the UK, however we didn’t know the reason – might have been UPS malfunction, some bypass troubles, etc. Finally we identified there was a power cut by calling local users.

To make similar problem identification more swift and robust (basically to include that in our IT infrastructure monitoring solution) I’m preparing (still under development ^^) a module that might help in identification if there is a power cut for certain post code.

The UK has 8 main suppliers like below:


Module presented here works so far for “Western Power Distribution”“UK Power Networks” and “Scottish And Southern Power Networks”


For Western Distribution (postcode for Coventry area):


For UK Power Networks (here is postcode for London, Cabot Square area):


For Scottish And Southern Power Networks:


When not using “-ViewAll” switch, script checks only for ongoing power cut for checked area. As of now, if there is no ongoing outage – script simply returns nothing.

Of course, if affected area is “e14 4” and post code checked is “e14 4qr“,the post code will be reported as affected.

Module can be found on PowerShell Gallery and GitHub

To install it and start testing simply run:

Install-Module UKPowerCutChecker.


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