Exchange 2016 how to change ECP language

Just installed Exchange 2016, opened OWA – I chose polish language, then opened ECP and first impression was like: ‘Ok, Great! Now how to change language to English…’ 🙂 Same like Exchange 2013, if we choose timezone and language for OWA, same will be set for us in ECP (actually same like in other versions, but in Ex2013 we really use that ECP as we do not have other console).

So here is nice Nuno’s article telling how to change it:

Easiest way: simply add ?mkt=EN-us to the EAC’s URL:

0xE0000100 error when installing Windows Server 2012

Wanted to install Exchange 2016 to play a little bit around, and for that needed Windows 2012 for OS.

Unfortunately when installing the server I was getting error:

“Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation. Error code: 0xE0000100”

Below screen with polish description:

hyperv_problem1So naturally I thought it is something with the iso file, but was pretty astonished though, since I have installed few of VMs with that ISO file, Logged into downloaded a new, brand new, freshly smelling iso file, trying.. – one more time same error.

Tried to dig a little bit in the internet, and found:

So this is how my VM setup looked like:


Previously I was always setting some higher numbers there, but in all that rush just didn’t do that for those installations!

After changing two values from 512MB to 1024MB installation worked like a charm without any single error 🙂

Repairing content index on database without DAG.

Repairing Content Index on DAG server can be easily done with Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy with switch -CatalogOnly.

But how to repair Content Index when there is no other DB copy?

Well, here is the great article:

On Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 there is ResetSearchIndex.ps1 script, which is placed in $exscript folder.

On Exchange 2013 there is no such script, so the only solution is to simply recreate the CI folder. To rename it/remove it, 2 services Microsoft Exchange Search and Microsoft Exchange Search Host Controller would need to be stopped.