PowerShell Web Access – PSWA. Not well known function in Windows 2012.

PSWA is a great new function in Windows 2012. It allows you to remotely connect with PS session to machines in your environment from various devices.

Installing of it is really easy, step by step instructions can be found under:


We still need to configure WinRM just exactly as we use to do it for New-PSsession connection.

So on each host where firewall is running we would need to run “winrm quickconfig” command.

After installing PSWA, console would be accessible under PSWA directory, so the URIL would look like:


Under that link you should be able to see:


You are also to authenticate on a host with other credentials than on the gateway. After logging in we will finally see the console 🙂


Great thing is, we can do with that website same we do with OWA – publish it for external world, so I would be able to do some scripting even having access only to my mobile!:


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