Exchange 2010 Personal Archive

Lately I was wondering how PA engine works, basically what triggers the actual move of emails in mailbox.

I thought it was the AutoArchive setting in the AD, but as I read in the net + my colleagues shared with me some knowledge 😉  that setting applies to pst files only.

It appeared that by default the “schedule” is running once per day, you can check it by runnig cmdlet:

Get-MailboxServer <SERVERNAME> | fl *managed*

ManagedFolderWorkCycle set to 1.00:00:00 means it is scheduled every one day.

To operation we can also enable logging by setting FolderLogForManagedFoldersEnabled to $true

If we want to force this operation to be done, we can user this cmdlet:

Start-ManagedFolderAssistant <mailbox>

After running that command, person can see in her/his outlook how the elements are being moved to archive folder, and folders are being created 🙂