[SOLVED] Tivoli Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server and Lync Server 2013 database backup.

Lately I was trying to make backup of Lync Server 2013 databases with Tivoli Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server.

Tivoli client in version installed correctly. Lync Server 2013 installs 3 instances on the server, those instances’ names are: RTC, RTCLOCAL and LYNCLOCAL.

To none of them I couldn’t connect with TSM DP. I was trying many configurations in tdpsql.cfg file, but no luck. As I was inputting as FROMSQLserver and SQLserver the I got error ACO5424E.

About which we can find here that is the name problem, so after running “select @@server” it returned me “\RTC”. After inputting it in the configuration file not much has changed, because I was receiving ACO5422E which seems to be findable in the Internet, but my error was 0x80130151 which gives us 0 entries in uncle google.

The first thought was – “I bet it is the version failure”. So I installed version, before I had to install some of the Visual Studio 2010 prerequisites. But, as I opened it, and went to “Protect and Recover Data” there was nothing… a desert of nothingness…

So another hour of modifying config files and the idea of returning the the previous version appeared. So I have uninstalled the new one, and installed the version. And… guess what 🙂 the client has connected correctly! It may have been the lack of that Visual Studio 2010 components, the new client may also have repaired some configuration files (but AFAIK there are only 3 which were ok).

[SOLVED] WSUS doesn’t approves updates, although it has proper “approval rule”.

Recently I had a strange symptom, for example, when newly created Windows 7 client was searching updates on the Microsoft Update website it saw about 150 of updates, at the same time seeing 1 from local WSUS server.

Sometimes I use to say that something is simple as shovel… or fu*king. WSUS should be one of those things, but apparently it is not. I was already one battle with it – TECHNET THREAD.

Hence I know that WSUS can be let say, a pain in the ass, in parlance.

That state with updates was a little bit strange, all the more, I have “auto approval” rule on my WSUS for almost all updates – i’m just not approving the Service Packs.

The investigation lead me to our root WSUS server. As I looked at the “Update Report” of one conflict update the state was “Not Approved”. I was astonished. Why for God’s sake! Doesn’t the rule says you shall install it you stupid motherfu*ker!

I tried to restart services, the whole server, there was no warnings, no error in event logs.

Then, as I was for hundred time waching the “Automatic Approval” dialog box, I picked one rule, and I thought “hmmm.. why not” and clicked the “Run now” button.

After that operation the updates started to be available for clients! Apparently the “run now” operation unblocked the pipe 🙂 But what was the reason for that, have no idea :/