SCCM – Different data in Resource Explorer and Add/Remore Programs while running report

Recently my colleague tried to make a report with workstations that have particular version of software – Adobe Reader. But he meet a problem because in report with Adobe Reader 9, he had workstations that definatelly had version 10, the same with version 8 – there was completely mess, as he was checking the Add/Remove Programs on the workstation it appeared it has some other version.

I found it indeed very weird,and tried to solve. By making directly queries on the database I noticed that indeed v_Add_Remove_Programs (name in SCCM report ->SMS_G_System_Add_Remove_Programs) shows old stuff – 9 version of Adobe Reader, but the database view v_SoftwareProducts (name in SCCM report -> SMS_G_System_SoftwareProducts) shows correct data – version there was 10. That was even double weird for me 🙂 but after some time with google I have finally found the explanation.

The “Add/Remove Programs” stuff in updated by… “Hardware Inventory” client task, while “Software Products” as you can figure it out from it’s name – by “Software Inventory task”.

My hardware inventory period was set to one week, while software for 1 day. Lost for this almoust two days…